Apple Fruit Leather! (okay seriously, might not sound appetizing, but I have no other name for it)

well this week has been interesting. i started working full time as a cashier/barista for Target (and for you bumbling bamboozles, Tarjay) and its been freaking great! no joke. i mean, its ridiculously crazy and some people piss me off, but hey, it’s a great job, and my co-workers are all great! they’re all super friendly, kinda like San Franciscan people, but all wearing red and khakis (yes the Target uniform) theyre all really nice and willing to help out a noob like me, not to mention being super welcome (thank god because i’m an extremely shy person….doesnt seem like that here huh?) but after getting to know people, i just tend to babble on and on. i’ve been working for the past couple weeks, and damn, you never know how much of a bitch people can be, until 1)they dont get their coffee, or 2) you work in retail. i mean seriously dude….. c’mon, trying out best here! i mean like today and yesterday, i was working at the starbucks inside target, and like there was only 2 people working there, me and my trainer, well im useless at making drinks atm, because i’m not certified to, and i can only cashier, so it was all up to my trainer to make all the drinks that i was ringing up, so during the busiest points of the day, there were 11 drinks lined up to be made, and still a loooong line! i mean i understand that it’s taking a while for your drink, but when there’s like 10 people ahead of you, and we’re trying to do everything as fast as we can, without screwing anything up, calm your balls! you’ll get it soon, unless you want us to screw up everyone’s drink….. ugh okay enough ranting……more recipe-ing


ugh okay more with the cinnamon trend… it’s fall, i deserve to have a cinnamon craving/pie-desiring. speaking of which, next time you’re at starbucks, and you happen to have a craving for pie/something like fall and dont want the ridiculous calories of the pumpkin spice latte/frappucino, then get a grande apple juice with 2 pumps of chai syrup, and light ice (or get it warm) and dayuuuum does that taste gooood ๐Ÿ˜€ that’s like, my favorite drink EVER. apples and cinnamon were just like, meant to be together forever. they should just go off and get married…. in this recipe, you can choose how much cinnamon taste you want or how sweet, and it’s so great for snacks, i eat them when i get a chance, at work, or class, or just snacking at home. it’s not ridiculously high in calories like those packaged fruit snacks, and hey, look at at that, you can make it vegan!

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Sugar, Spiced, and Everything Nice’d Pecans

IT’S GOING TO BE FALL SOOOOOON!!! MY FAVORITE SEASON FOR FOOOOOOD ๐Ÿ˜€ only because every fall-related food has cinnamon, and everyone knows how much i love me some cinnamon XD yes, fall starts next week and dude i am so excited ๐Ÿ˜€ marching season starts, and even though im out of high school, and no longer in band….i’m still in my hometown, so i still visit my high school…..mostly to pick up siblings, buuuuuut yeah i can’t help but go into the band room and saying hi to friends…..i have severe attachment issues to that XD yeah, i dont have much to say this time…… ummm so yeah…onto the actual food now?

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Are You Pho-king Kidding Man?

The last half of my summer has been absolutely awesome! got to go to LA, Las Vegas, san francisco,food touring, hang out with friends before they went off to college, be with family visiting from all over the US. i finally found a job at Target as a cashier, so wish me luck on that! hopefully they can hurry up with the drug testing and background test, so then i can actually start working. nothing to worry about since im clean (as far as i know :O) , but still, i kinda want to start working so then i can get money coming in, and im one step closer to owning a dessert cafe ๐Ÿ˜€ college started, and i have 4 classes, which take up a bunch of time and its been making everything a bit whackled-doodle-doo. not to mention my new role as chauffeur for the family (whoo having a license -_-|||) not to mention being distracted by thoughts of being forever alone (seriously…..there’s someone in mind, but i highly doubt anythings happening in that department) but now its back on track, and back to the norm :S ๐Ÿ˜€

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Mock Pocky sticks!

dude okay, so my summer so far, has been so boring, but starting next week, it’s jam packed with stuff to do, like seriously dude, i dont even know if i’ll have time to be bored. which is so rare. this is how summers ALWAYS are for me, super boring in the beginning, but like soon after the half way point, BAM HELLO SOCIAL LIFE! but seriously man, in the next few weeks, its going to be san francisco, LA, Vegas, going away parties, job interviews, college, and hanging out with visiting family…. jeezus people, give me a break! spread it out a little will you?!

okay POCKY!!!! i’ve always liked going out to the store (preferably asian stores, since the american stores like albertson’s and von’s are so expensive) and getting these little sweets. theyre easy to eat on the go, and they’re just so yummy! but now, you can make it yourself, and have an endless supply for the next forever! im just kidding, theyre not going to last forever. chances of it lasting forever is very slim….not because it has a short shelf (ohhellnotheydont) but because theyre so irresistible! they’re just so yummy! and if you make it yourself, then you can have batches upon batches of different flavors and yummers dude! from strawberry to chocolate, to cookies and cream and yummmyyy i cant stop thinking about ittt! … continue reading this entry.


Palmiers. so easy to make if you have boxed puff pastry, but so much more fun if you make it from the puff pastry that i have here. Making puff pastry from scratch is a bit time consuming, but it’s totally worth it. there’s just something satisfying about making your own puff pastry, then being able to eat it as a palmier because you get to see all the layers that have puffed up and your thought process is like WHA BAM I DID ALL THAT HARD WORK RIGHT THERE! I AM THE FREAKING BOOOMB!

there are also so many different variations on the palmier. you can have it super sweet with some bitter coffee (ew) or you can snack on them when you’re craving a bit of sugar (i do that all the freaking time). they can also be made savory, where instead of using sugar, you can use something like pesto or with ham. so damn good. and so many ways to eat them. yummers.

it’s so easy that a kid can do this. your kids can totally help you make this! having them spread the sugar and explain to them the math of halves, quarters, and such like that. tada!

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