The Long Awaited for CAKE PAWPS!!!!

okay okay okay people…. this is the most popular thing that i make, and its not hard to believe why… if and when you make these, be sure to also go out and buy a bigger pair of pants too. because youre not going to be able to stop eating them XD my friends have dubbed them “balls of heaven” or “God’s Balls”… leave it to bandos to come up with a name like that XD its the perfect tea time yummy that goes pretty nicely with jasmine tea or a midday coffee break

just to let you know, the way i make them really really yummy is VERY time consuming! but its well worth the effort. but you can cut down the time, and they’ll still be pretty damn good. omnomnomnomnomn

what you’ll need:

  • cake mix (or you can make a cake from scratch*
  • frosting*
  • 1 tsp cognac vanilla extract
  • vanilla or chocolate flavored almond bark or your favorite color of candy melts (not that candi quick crap)

everyone always gets so excited when they hear im going to bring cake pops in XD

okay so bake off your cake, and let it cool. once its cool, then toss it into the refridge, uncovered, overnight. i told you it takes time! i know you cant wait! but trust me, its well worth it in the end….. you could always just use it right after its cooled…. but letting it sit in the fridge lets it dry out a little so it stays together better

okay so when ever you get around to it, take out your cake, and crumble it into fine crumbs into a bowl.

all done with that? okay here comes the messy part then. take your thingy of frosting, and scoop in some frosting little by little, and mix it in with your hands. this part is going to vary, depending on how moist your cake is, and such and such. i usually use up about half a can if i use a betty crocker’s or pillsbury moist supreme cakes. but the consistency youre looking for is you can squish it into a firm ball, and it doesnt crumble apart, or is too soft. now is the time you add your alcohol extract

now comes the part i absolutely hate, like no joke? when i open my dessert cafe, im hiring someone just to roll out cake pops. take small pieces of your mix, and roll them into about ehh id say 2-3 inch balls. it all depends on how big you want them, and how many you want. 2 inch balls will get you about 90-110, depending on how many you eat while rolling them (i usually eat like 4-5), and 3 inch-ers will get you ehhhhh about 60 something. once youve rolled out all your dough, then stick them back into the fridge. this will create a little skin on the outside of your pops that will help keep its shape, and it’ll let the flavors meld and marry together. again, you can skip letting it sit overnight

now that your cake pops have been chillin in the fridge for awhile, take your almond bark/candy melts, and melt them down according to the package instructions until its smooth. take your cake pops and dip them in all the way, let all the excess drip off, and then put it on a baking sheet to cool and harden.

dip. drip, pan.

dip. drip. pan.

and repeat until all your cake pops are chocolatized. seeee they look all smooth and pretty now!

one time, i didnt have enough time to chocolatize them, and they got a new name of  “shit on a stick” courtesy of kyle blah-blahblah. this was way back when when i tried sticking them on toothpicks, and it didnt exactly work out XD

for a special added touch, then you can take a contrasting color, and zig zag it across the top of the cake pops. (ex if youre using chocolate to cover them, then use white chocolate to drizzle, and vice versa)

tada! your little balls of joy are done and are ready to enjoy now!

*good cake-frosting combos


red velvet-cream cheese

devils food cake-  cream cheese


the possibilities are quite endless…. find out which one is your favorite!



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