Cheeseburger Cupcakes :D

dude these things are so effing cute im not even kidding. just so yenno, theres going to be some left over cake… so make cake pops out of the scraps! my lack of pictures is explained due to the fact that my father has “borrowed” my camera and still has yet to return it…… hmmmmm maybe ill get a fancy camera to get good piccys….

what you need:

  • 1 box of chocolate cake mix
  • 1 box of vanilla or yellow cake mix
  • what ever you need to bake off said cake mixes (water, eggs and oil)
  • red, green, and yellow royal icing (if you made your own royal icing, consistancy needs to be thick, and not runny)
  • sesame seeds
  • half an orange of juice

okie dokie, i swear to god if you do this right, from far away, these actually do look like burgers.

preheat your oven to 350°F and take your handy dandy cupcake pan, and grease it. or in my case, butter and sugar it. for more realistic looking yummies, then use the regular or jumbo sized cupcake pans. cuter and less hamburger look alikes can be made with the mini pans. dont use cupcake liners unless you want to waste time peeling off the liner when youre done baking them

mix up your vanilla cake, and split it into 24 cupcakes. bake it off, and then mix your chocolate cake and bake that off. so when youre done baking, you should have 24 vanilla, and 24 chocolate cupcakes. now let it cool COMPLETELY!!! this is critical unless you want your cupcake to be squished and crumbled when you make it into hamburgers.

now you have 48 cold cupcakes right? good

now take your cupcakes and ya see that line where it starts to dome over from rising? yeah go a little bit under that line, and cut off the top…..basically…. youre beheading the cupcake. and do that to all your cupcakes….. all 48 of them… a little tip…. turn on the tv while youre doing this…. just make sure not to cut off your fingers while youre doing so.

so are all your cupcakes decapitated? okay so you should have a top dome and a bottom cup…. for your chocolate cups, just chuck those into a bowl and make cake pops, you only need the chocolate tops. but you do need both halves of the vanilla cupcakes.

onward to making your burgers

take a chocolate dome, and on the bottom (the flat cut side) and pipe on some yellow icing and make it resemble cheese, and them place it on a vanilla bottom (cut side of the chocolate down, vanilla cut side up) now squizzle on the red and green icing to kinda look like ketchup and lettuce, onto chocolate dome. now take your vanilla top, and place it cut side down onto your “lettuce” and “ketchup”. and repeat

tada! youre almost done!

take your pastry brush, and brush your 24 burgers with orange juice, just enough to dampen, NOT SOAK, the top. then sprinkle on a few sesame seeds, and then let it chill out to let the icing harden.

voila, youve just made some cheeseburger cupcake XD


Do what you want, and say what you feel ---Dr Seuss

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