Tips and Secrets

okay i decided to add in some tips for you all, so then you can have some shortcuts and substitutes for most any kinds of situations you might possibly find yourself in. this will include some tips for clean up, ingredient substitutions, hints and etc.

  1. Shortening, Margarine and Butter are kind of interchangeable unless the recipe calls specifically calls for one. the only difference between the 3 is butter is the real thing, and has a ton more flavor than shortening, margarine is a mix of additives and butter, and shortening is just fat…. but its a good stretcher if you dont have enough butter for something… it also makes your hands feel really soft
  2. 1 stick of butter is equal to 1/2 a cup and 1 pound of butter is equal to 2 cups
  3. to prevent something from sticking to your measuring cup, soak whatever youre going to use in hot water for a few minutes, and your ingredient will just slide out
  4. lay out newspaper on your table for easy clean up…. unless youre going to be working dough…. then dont lay out news paper, or itll get all yucky. when youre done mixing stuff, just wrap up the newspaper along with any trash thats on it, and then toss it into the trash
  5. hot water is your best friend when cleaning up
  6. another option for greasing/flour a pan is to butter the pan lightly, then swish around some sugar. this works well for cakes or muffins and will create a slightly crunchy crust that wont leave any of the white flakes that flour leaves behind, and it gives it another depth in flavor.
  7. Substitutions-
    • cake flour- for every 1 cup of cake flour thats called for- take 1 c. minus 2 tbs allpurpose flour + 2 tbs corn starch
    • heavy cream- for every cup of heavy cream called for, take 3/4 c. milk + 1/3 c. melted butter. or 1 cup of evaporated milk. not condensed… evaporated. Warning. this will not whip up. to make whippable heavey cream substitute, take 2/3 butter milk+ 1/3 c oil
    • raisins, currants, dried cranberries or dried raspberries are interchangeable
    • light brown sugar (1 cup)- 1 c. white sugar +1 tbs molasses
    • dark brown sugar (1 cup)- 1 c. white sugar +2 tbs molasses
    • butter milk (1 cup)- 1c. milk+ 1 tbs white vinegar or lemon juice and let stand for 5 minutes
    • honey- Reduce any liquid called for by 1/4 cup for each cup of honey used.  Add l/2 teaspoon baking soda for each cup of honey used. Reduce oven temperature by 25 F to prevent over-browning.
    • creme fraiche (1 cup)- 1/2 cup sour cream+ 1/2 heavy cream
  8. wrapping cheese in foil makes it last longer
  9. save up the bones and skin that you would usually throw away when deboning chicken, and make it into chicken stock for soups
  10. stick a few slices of potato into an over-salted dish and it’ll absorb the excess salt
  11. in apple pie, dont cut the apples too thin, or itll fall apart while baking
  12. use cold butter to make fluffy crusts and biscuits, and then stick it in the fridge for 30 minutes after you’ve made the dough
  13. to make fluffy and soft snickerdoodles- after rolling out the balls and coating in cinnamon sugar, then cover the balls with plastic wrap and stick in the fridge for 15 mintues
  14. when frying, dont over crowd the pot or the temperature of the oil will drop and it’ll take longer for your food to fry and there fore, making your food all soggy with oil…. ick
  15. microwaving a lemon for 15 secs, or banging the lemon around will release more juices
  16. open a banana upside down and you wont get those stringy things. theres a reason why monkeys eat them this way XD
  17. cook with wine that you would drink…not that crap-in-a-bottle wine that tastes disgusting. bad wine+good food= bad food
  18. keep your workspace clean and neat. do the dishes as you go. it helps you keep track of the food thats on your counter, and it makes clean up a hell of a lot cleaner.

need any more tips? just ask and i can help you (:


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