Caramel apples

just made a batch the other day with my cousins for her kid’s birthday party. she had asked me too because you know how kids are with their freaking sugar…. cant get enough of that crap XDD…..well neither can i….. BUT STILL im not that far off from being a kid..SO yeaaahh i love me some sugar…. and what better to calm that sugar craving with caramel aka pure sugar :3 yummy yummy yummy when ever i bring a bottle of homemade caramel sauce to school, some of my friends just eat it just like that….straight caramel…. right out of the freaking bottle……yummy 🙂


 what you need:

  • 1 1/2 c. sugar
  • 1 c. heavy cream
  • 6 tbs butter, cubed
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 8-10 small apples
  • toppings of choice (ex chocolatechips, sprinkles, crushed peanuts etc)

wash and dry your apples, then twist off the stems. stab your craft (popsicle) sticks into where the stem was, and push (or hammer) down the stick until its about half way into the apple. place them onto a baking sheet lined with a stilpat mat or a sheet of parchment paper. then pop them into the fridge while you make the caramel.

pretty much youre going to follow the same procedure as when youre making caramel sauce for like ice cream and stuff.

so dump your sugar into a saucepan and then turn the heat onto medium eye and then dont walk away. youre going to have to baby sit it for a while. then after like 5 minutes or so, then start stirring with it a wooden spoon (yes wooden… everything else will melt….yes i know from experience) there should be some brown liquid starting to form…. this is melted, caramelized sugar. stir it every few minutes to prevent it from burning. when the sugar is completely melted, and theres no clumps of sugar at all, then toss in your lumps of butter. its going to sizzle, and steam and go crazy because its super cold touching super hot. stir it in and when its incorporated, then kill the heat and add in the cream….sizzle sizzle steam steam…. when the steam calms down, then stir that in. turn the heat back onto medium, and then cook it down until it reaches the soft ball stage (explanation follows), and stirring constantly to make sure it doesnt burn.

when it reaches said stage, then turn the heat on low and then take out your apples from the fridge. nows the part where you need to work quickly and efficiently. tilt your pot so then all the caramel forms a nice deep puddle. then take an apple, and tilt it so then its parallel to the pot and lower it into the caramel. twist to cover it all the way, and let the excess drip off……. and hoooold it….. letting the caramel set slightly….. and then dip it into what ever topping you want, then set it onto your lined baking sheet. be sure to set it a few inches apart since more caramel is going to drip off, and puddle around the apple. yummmyyyyy let it cool until its hard, cool to the touch, and no longer tacky. cut it open, and tada caramel apples 🙂


softball stage: fill a cup/bowl/somethingthatyoucanstickyourhandintoeasily with some lukewarm water. take your candy mix, and then drip a few drops of the molten candy into the water. wait 5 seconds, then stick your hand in the water and gather up the caramel lumps. if you squish it together, it should form a soft ball that holds it shape, but is slightly firm. 😀


Do what you want, and say what you feel ---Dr Seuss

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