Dried Fruit

Dried fruit has always been a good substitute for candy. it always satisfies the sweet tooth cravings that i have like everyday… (seriously, if i could, all i would eat all day is sweets) why do you think theyre called nature’s candy? its healthy, it lasts forever, and it tastes pretty damn good. i cant find one bad thing about this…


i am hanging out with my cousin way too much…. maybe thats a good thing though.

but seriously. all that needless crap that they put into there just so then they can up up their production so then they can make more money is definitely not the best thing for your body……

why go for that shit, when its so easy to make it at home? you dont need those fancy food dehydrator, in fact, im pretty sure that you already have it: either an oven, or a hot summer day with low humidity.

it’s really easy and versatile because it works with pretty much every fruit that you can think of. kiwis. pineapples. pomegranates, apples. bananas. the possibilities are endless.

 what you need:

  • fruit of your choice
  • 2 tbs ascorbic acid or 5 grams vitamin C tablets crushed
  • 1 quart water

easy right?

preheat your oven to 145° if your oven doesnt go this low, then go to the lowest that it can, and youre going to have to wait it carefully to make sure it doesnt over dry and stuff like that

take your unblemished fruit and cut it up into small, and even sized pieces. the smaller they are, the faster they dry. and having even sized pieces will help it dry evenly.

dissolve your ascorbic acid/vitamin C into the water. dip each piece of fruit in this mix. this will help your fruit keep its color, rather than the harsh sulfates that the storebought kind uses. completely optional, but keeps it pretty-looking. this will also help the fruit keep some more of its vitamin c since the heat will destroy most of this. itll give it a boost.

lay your dipped fruit onto an unlined baking sheet and then place them in your oven with the door propped open slightly to allow the steam to escape (or if the weather is hot enough, then place them outside in the sun with a screen over it to protect it from unwanted guests.)

in the sun, it should take about 2-4 days in order for it to be sufficiently dried, and in the oven, from 4-12 hours. the fruit should be leathery and dry, but still pliable.

remember, this all depends on the size of the fruit, what kind of fruit it is, and the temperature of everything. it may take longer, it may not. this kinda thing doesnt have an exact recipe.

and in the event that these are your food supply in the event of an emergency or the zombie apocalypse, then pasteurization is required.

bump up the temperature to 175° and then leave the fruit in there for about 10-15 minutes. store in a cool, dry and dark place in airtight containers


and if you end up accidentally over drying your fruit and it becomes too brittle and hard, then just crush it up into a fine powder in a blender, food processor or grinder, and save it as a flavoring agent for smoothies, or ice creams and stuff like that!


Do what you want, and say what you feel ---Dr Seuss

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